Here Are 5 Essential Things You Didn’t
Know About Shopify E-Commerce Platform

Are you a newbie in the e-commerce business and have no idea of how to start? If yes, you need a few things to run it successfully. You require a professional online store for your products, a smartphone and internet access. But many retailers fail to succeed in the e-commerce business because they have no idea of how to draft a great store. They end up looking for designers to create the store for them. Most of these designers can forget to add advanced features on your site which can lead to less growth. Thus, you need to consider using an e-commerce platform. Shopify is among the best platforms. It will enhance your business functionality. Here are 5 things you need to know about Shopify:

Shopify is cheap and easy to set up

Having the ability to create an online store by yourself is essential because you will not hire a designer. Shopify comes with over 100 themes to help you build your site quickly. Your main task will be to drag and drop items to a place of your choice. Also, you will have to customize the site in a way that you will look unique.

Shopify is not only great for its easy to use features but also the pricing. It will charge you an amount of $2,000 per month. With this amount, you will not have to pay for the licensing and support costs. It will cover them.

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Shopify has a better loading speed

You can run an e-commerce business and increase sales. However, you can make mistakes of creating an online store that does not enhance the customers’ experience. With this, you will encounter challenges of lacking customers to make purchases. Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform with a strong infrastructure. With this, your store will load at high speed. Also, it comes with fancy Google fonts to improve your store’s loading speed.

Shopify is reliable regarding security

Security is essential for your business to function without losses. Most of the e-commerce platforms lack the security feature. Hence, you will require integrating a third-party to provide security. Shopify is excellent for its security features. Shopify being a hosted platform has people monitoring its network 24/7 for any attack. Also, it can help you fix the problem at any time. Its SSL and PCI features will enable your website to accept credit cards and store the customers’ sensitive information.

With Shopify, you will come up with a professional and unique design

The first thing a customer will come across when he/she land on your website is the design. It can tell more about your products and services. Thus, you need to create one that will convince customers that you offer quality products. Shopify e-commerce platform comes with professional templates. Also, they are customizable. With this, you will add elements that will make your store look unique and professional. By doing so, you will enhance the customers’ experience,and they will make more purchases.

Shopify is highly responsive

The number of mobile shoppers is increasing each day. Thus, you need to go mobile to reach millions of customers. Customers view the use of the desktop as a waste of time because you will have to be in a room to operate it. They, therefore, prefer using the mobile. In this essence, you need to give Shopify a priority. It comes with responsive themes that will allow you to create an online store that will respond to all the devices. Also, Shopify is a perfect e-commerce platform because it cares for the retailers. It comes with free iPhone and Android Apps to allow you to manage your store from any place. With this, you will get an opportunity to enhance the functionality of your business because you will easily view your stock level. Hence, you will not miss essential items that the customers require.

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